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Why choose an Arch House?

Quality materials

Be the envy of your neighbours with this beautiful piece of architecture

Fully insulated

Guaranteed against 60mph winds.

Low maintenance

Snow and rain slips straight off, giving the Arc a long lifespan

No planning permission required

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Example Large Wooden Arch House

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4.8m L x 3.3m W (span) x 2.5m H

47 x 150 RS kiln dried C16 treated carcassing
100mm polystyrene insulation
DPM 18mm hardwood-faced ply WBP

Tension Arches & 38x90 CLS treated carcassing

External Cladding
Ensobreathe roof membrane 18mm battened breather gap
22 x 150 green treated feather edge board 2 ex 22 x 150

Internal Cladding
Ex 19 x 125 finished 14 x 100 softwood match boarding PTGV1S

100mm rockwool

Door & Window
Double glazed UPVC 1200 W x 1900 H French doors in light oak, outward opening
UPVC 1200 W x 900 H window in light opak, right side outward opening

LED internal lighting
4 x twin gang sockets
Mains wired smoke alarm
External light (above door - operated by switch inside door)
Circuit protection external IP65 2way RCD consumer unit
Electrical services beyond unit and electrical tests to be carried out by Gorsebank

Site preparation
Customers need to provide a level sub-base at desired location and 16amp 240v supply.

Self assembly P.O.A.
Assembled P.O.A.

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