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Basic model
3.5m(w) x x2.65m(H) x 4.9m(L)

£ 980 inc VAT

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Transformational Shelter

Fast shelter for those in need.

Families can be taught to build for themselves

Materials can be sourced locally to create the finished Aid Arc

Rigid and strong, the Arc shape naturally Withstands extreme conditions

Start with a shelter, and over time, transform into a family home

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Our team will
Deliver training on site to aid workers so they in turn can teach communities to build Aid Arcs. Ensure that the vital component parts reach your site as quickly as possible.

Email Kelly with your requirements or call Mark Panton t: 07860 250212

100% waterproof from top to bottomFully insulatedUV protected tiles in a range of coloursSecure timber frame doorPlexi-glass curved windowsInsect proof screensFlat packed with build instructionsCorporate branding printed on the ArcPlywood finish floor system

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Aid Arch Brochure

For mobile field shelters Horse Arc - mobile field shelter visit www.horsearc.co.uk
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