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Outdoor classrooms

Outdoor play is high on the agenda for nurseries, play groups and schools. Children of all ages benefit from daylight, fresh air and the space to move, play and create outdoors.

Our range of outdoor classrooms and bird hides provide schools and nurseries with outdoor learning space. Our arcs are favoured by planning authorities as they are beautiful, fully mobile and enhance the landscape.

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Classroom Arc

Heavy duty PVC ends can be branded as required.

A unique outdoor shelter constructed of timber with PVC ends. The PVC ends are heavy duty canvas and can be branded according to your school or organisation. This is the outdoor classroom for those who need a budget solution, which still looks fabulous.

Many schools choose to have the children build the outdoor classroom to give them valuable outdoor experience and feel pride in the space they helped build.

Prices start from £4,900 inc vat and build on site.

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Insulated Classroom Arc

Ask us for a bespoke quote to suit your needs and budget

This rustic and elegant arc provides all year round learning space for all ages. Outdoor groups, schools and the National Trust are all fans of our outdoor classroom arc, which nestles gracefully within natural surroundings.

We will happily design you your own unique outdoor classroom to fit your requirements and budget limitations.

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Beautiful Bird Hide Arcs

Choose how many windows, what size and at what height to suit your students

Outdoor learning can be enhanced by observing nature. Science, maths and english can all be incorporated in the observation of the species within your school grounds.

Our bird hides can be found within Wildlife Trust sites, National Trust sites, private grounds, schools and even on windfarms in Scotland!

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Picnic Arc

Shelter from the elements

The picnic arc provides shelter for eating, playing or learning. 3.6m long x 3m wide x 2.6m. Ask us to quote you for a bespoke size. You can also add windows and ends / fronts / doors if necessary.

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For mobile field shelters Horse Arc - mobile field shelter visit www.horsearc.co.uk
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