The Tuff Pod

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Price includes VAT and build on site

3.7m L x 2.4m W

£ 6,114 inc VAT

4.9m L x 2.4m W

£ 6,917 inc VAT

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Why choose the Tuff Pod?

Fully insulated and watertight

Falls under tent pitch permission

Easy to move: 4 people can manually carry it to a new site

Air tight with controlled ventilation

Storm proof: Guaranteed to withstand cat. 2 hurricanes

Impact resistant; the tough shell absorbs impact to prevent damage

Impervious to low level flooding

Military grade, jet washable outer cover

Ideal for difficult access sites

No guy ropes or extra supports required

The Tuff Pod - Glamping made easy

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Easy, profitable, Glamping accommodation

Stronger than a tent, easier than a pod.

The Tuff Pod provides camp sites and glamping sites with an affordable, hassle free way to begin or expand their accommodation. A cross between a tent and a pod, the Tuff Pod is made to withstand the UK weather and to take the bumps and scratches from it's inhabitants. Ideal for sites with difficult access, planning problems or severe weather.

The Tuff Pod can also be useful for providing extra living accommodation or office space in the garden.

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Need extra space?
We can increase the length of the pod to suit your needs.

Medium Tuff Pod
Exterior: 3.72m(L) x 2.45m(W) x 2.2m(H)
Interior (Max.) : 3.56m(L) x 2.4m(W) x 2.05m(H)

Large Tuff Pod
Exterior: 4.94m(L) x 2.45m(W) x 2.2m(H)
Interior: 4.78m(L) 2.4m(W) x 2.05m(H)

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What's included in the price?

Years of maintenance free accommodation, all year round. We honour our 10 year guarantee.

Build on site4 x big windows with insulated wooden blindsElectrics and lightsPanel heater - wall mounted, programmable10 year guarantee

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Features & Spec.

Strong, plywood walls protected with military grade, waterproof canvas.

Remote control LED, overhead lighting13 Amp electrical sockets2 USB portsMilitary grade, jet washable outer coverAll window and door openings have built in insulated blindsRoof windows have additional internal wooden shuttersControlled ventilation with insect proof mesh

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Moving / Planning Permission

A group of people can simply lift and carry the arc to a new location.

The Tuff Pod weighs 280kg, which means that a group of 4 to 6 people can pick it up and walk with it. Just pick it up and pop it down in it's new location.

If you have planning permission for tents, your local planners shouldn't have a problem with the Tuff Pod as they are so easy to move.

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Foundations / Site Prep.

No foundations, no guy ropes, no problem.

The Tuff Pod sits directly onto the ground. No prep. required, other than clearing any debris / plants away from the site.

If your ground is uneven you will need to add a deck to your order. See Optional Extras.
The deck weighs 200kg and can be picked up and moved too.

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Optional Extras

Ask about our star gazing porch, extra space to sleep under the stars!

• Double bunk bed: Sleeps 4, wipe clean PVC mattresses

• Extra curved roof windows £56

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