The Garden Arc

Choose your size

Contact us for custom sizes.

Medium GA
built on site
3.6m(L) x 2.5m(w)

£ 7,270 inc VAT

Large GA
built on site
4.8m(L) x 2.5m(w)

£ 9,210 inc VAT

Flat-packed GA
3.6m(L) x x2.5m(W)

£ 4,440 inc VAT

Flat-packed GA
4.8m(L) x 2.5m(W)

£ 4,840 inc VAT

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Garden Arc Features

A beautiful addition to your garden.

Withstands up to 80mph winds.

Use all year round.

Flooded with natural light.

Planning friendly

Different sizes available.

Choice of window positions

Optional extras.

The Garden Arc by night.

Beautiful garden shelter all year round

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Enjoy your garden whatever the weather


"My arc is my refuge; a cosy place to enjoy the garden even in the pouring rain.
I sit, paint and relax."

Valerie Sargeant

The Garden Arc provides you a peaceful place to sit, relax and enjoy the views and is becoming a popular choice with homeowners in the UK. The Arc is a beautiful addition to your garden, adding extra space to entertain and enjoy your garden all year round.

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Quality materials for durability and strength

Only quality wood is used to build and finish your arc. This covers the strong aluminium skeleton of the arc for strength and durability.

Mounted on 40mm plastic grids.Premium grade pressure treated timber, responsibly sourced.Patented aluminium tensile arch frame.Aerated foil insulation for all year use.Breathable, waterproof roof membrane.2 LED strip lights with remote control switches.1 x spare electrical socket.Interior finished with wipe clean canvas.Easy to paint the internal wood. Choose to have full length living (cabin) space or to have a canopy at the front with window

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Responsibly sourced, home grown timber, pressure treated for durability

47mm x 150mm premium grade c24 treated timber frame
Finished with 22mm x 150mm rough sawn, home grown. pressure treated larch.
245mm x 94mm solid premium grade c24 grade, slow grown treated timber.
80mm x 80mm section aluminium and wood with canvas covered arches.
Gable End
47mm x 75mm premium grade c24 treated timber frame. Canvas covered, aerated foil insulation, 20mm/10mm feather edge treated rough sawn cladding.
(see optional upgrade to larch below)
Far Eastern hardwood faced plywood, aerated foil insulation, rubber VPC roof with damp proof membrane, 20mm air gap, 20/10 feather edged timber cladding
(The door and exterior cladding can be upgraded to beautiful larch timber - see optional upgrad below)

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Included in the Garden Arc price

Insulated timber deckLED Strip lighting with remote control3 x electric sockets plus 2 USB portsBuild on site (unless you opt for flatpacked)10 year warranty

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Optional Upgrades

Extra space?
Heat in the winter?
Maintenance free finish?
Choose an optional extra to suit your needs.

Optional Upgrades
Heater - 0.5kw wall mounted panel heater with thermostatically controlled timer - £150Larch cladding - Rough sawn air dried, naturally durable larch
Door - 22mm x 100mm
Exterior - 25mm x 6mm
Medium - £317 Large - £397
Outdoor deck extension -1.2m x 2.4m - £300
Canopy window £142

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Choose the position of your curved windows.
The curved plexi glass is 17 times stronger than standard glazing.

Beautiful curved, plexi glass windows, allowing natural light to flood the arc and opens your arc up to your garden views. The plexi glass is as clear as glass but safer and ten times stronger.
Window 1 is in the porchWindow 2 is inside the arc3 open and close viewing ports at the rear
If you wish, you can change the window positions around. As you look into the arc:
Standard / default position is left side for both windows. Let us know if you would like this to be changed for your order.

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Fancy extra outdoor space for BBQs etc?

Your Garden Arc includes an insulated timber deck base.
47mm x 150mm premium grade c24 treated timber frame.
Aerated foil insulation and damp proof membrane. Finished with 22mm x 150mm rough sawn, Scandinavian redwood, pressure treated floor boards.

To gain extra outside space, upgrade to an extra outdoor deck area.
Outdoor deck extension - 1.2m x 2.4m

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Wall mounted heater for winter use £90

Strip light remote control £40

Your garden arc includes:
2 x LED, overhead strip lights1 x electrical socket for a heater1 x spare electrical socket2 x USB ports

You can choose to run your lights off grid using a 12v battery or connect to domestic mains using a standard 230 volt domestic plug socket.

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Need a bespoke size? Ask us for a quote.

External - 3.6m(L) x 2.5m(W) x 2.4m(H)
Internal Space, no canopy:
3.5m(L)x 2.4m(W) x 2.1m(H)

Internal Space, with a canopy:
Internal cabin - 2.3m(L) x 2.4m(W) x 2.1m(H)
Internal porch - 1.2m(L) x 2.4m(W) x 2.1m(H)

External - 4.8m(L) x 2.5m(W) x 2.4m(H)
Internal Space, no canopy:
4.6m(L)x 2.4m(W) x 2.1m(H)

Internal Space, with a canopy:
Internal cabin - 3.4m(L) x 2.4m(W) x 2.1m(H)
Internal porch - 1.2m(L) x 2.4m(W) x 2.1m(H)

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Flat Packed Garden Arc

Full build instructions and telephone support included.

The flat-packed Garden Arc is delivered for self-assembly.

Included in the price
Fully insulated for all-year-round use
Timber deck foundation
Option of full-length living space or an optional covered canopy area at the entrance

Optional Extras
Window in canopy £142
Heater £150
LED strip lights £60

Pallet delivery (POA)
Full assembly instructions and telephone support provided.
Optional on-site assistance at an additional cost - POA.

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Garden Arc Warranty and Maintenance

10 year warrantyLow maintenance

Garden Arc Incorporated Limited Warranty
Your Arc is guaranteed for a period of 10 years from the date of build completion.
The Garden Arc warranty is subject to the customer following the checks and maintenance procedures listed; and to notify Alfresco Arch of problems immediately they occur. Failure to do so will void your Garden Arc warranty.

The Garden Arc 10 year warranty excludes:
- Moving parts
- Wooden components - minor warping, splitting, knots dropping out; However, we do have easy maintenance systems customers can perform to rectify any of these minor problems.
- Appliances

Checks and maintenance procedures

Products and Buildings, Manufacture and Materials are supplied with a 10 year limited Warranty subject to the following terms :
The guarantee does not cover movement, warping, splitting of timber products over time.
Any warranty offered is only valid for goods within the United Kingdom.

Canvas sleeves
Apply a quality waterproofer such as 'Frogsuit' to the front arch canvas cover before each winter. (Ensure the cover is completely dry)

The standard spruce cladding can last up to 10 years untreated. If the cladding starts to look tired, simply apply a good quality decking oil to the cladding to help to protect the wood.

It is important that you keep the ventilation under your arc clear from plants, earth etc. Check this on a regular basis making sure that there is a gap underneath the deck.

Treat the outside deck with a quality deck oil every year.

Apply 'Frogsuit' decking oil to the window frames to protect the soft wood frame.
Click here for the plexi glass care guide.

Validity of Guarantee
The product build instructions must be adhered to in order to comply with the conditions of the guarantee. If any part of the building is cut, notched or drilled such actions must also adhere to the build instructions.
Owners and users are required to notify Alfresco Arch of problems or failures immediately they occur.

The guarantee is invalid if:
The building has been customised or modified in any way.
The person claiming is not the original purchaser of the building.
The building has not been erected, fitted or installed correctly by a trained employee of Alfresco Arch.
The building is or has been touching any external wall or vegetation which can allow moisture to penetrate the timber.

General Information
Wood is a natural product and susceptible to changes in the external environment. Extremes of temperature or weather conditions will cause a reaction in the timber. Sawn timber and machine rounded items in particular may split. This doesn’t necessarily affect the structural strength of the wood or the product

Products and Buildings include all those advertised, specifically described and sold by Pan Products Ltd (also trading as AlfrescoArch) which incorporate its patented arch support structure; these include its Arch Building designs and all their derivatives which make up its product range at any time.

Pan Products Ltd – October 2019

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