The Garden Arc

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Medium Size
2.5m(w) x 3.6m(L)

£ 5,860 inc VAT

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Garden Arc Features

A beautiful addition to your garden.

Withstands up to 80mph winds.

Use all year round.

Flooded with natural light.

Planning friendly

Different sizes available.

Optional extras.

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Enjoy your garden whatever the weather


"My arc is my refuge; a cosy place to enjoy the garden even in the pouring rain.
I sit, paint and relax."

Valerie Sargeant

The Garden Arc provides you a peaceful place to sit, relax and enjoy the views.
Has proven popular with homeowners in the UK.
Giving you a beautiful feature in your own garden, using all year round.

Option Upgrades
Porch converted to extra cabin space - £380
Heater - 0.5kw wall mounted convector - £90
Larch cladding - 25mm/6mm
Medium - £302 Large - £379

External - 3.6m(L) x 2.5m(W) x 2.4m(H)
Internal cabin - 2.3m(L) x 2.4m(W) x 2.1m(H)
Internal porch - 1.2m(L) x 2.4m(W) x 2.1m(H)

External - 4.8m(L) x 2.5m(W) x 2.4m(H)
Internal cabin - 3.5m(L) x 2.4m(W) x 2.1m(H)
Internal porch - 1.2m(L) x 2.4m(W) x 2.1m(H)

Mounted on 40mm plastic grids.
Premium grade c24 treated timber.
Patented aluminium tensile arch frame.
Aerated foil insulation for all year use.
Breathable, waterproof roof membrane.
2 LED strip lights with remote control switches.
1x spare electrical socket.
Interior finished with wipe clean canvas.
Easy to paint the internal wood.

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