Affordable outdoor classrooms

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Price includes assembly on site

PVC Ends
7.2m(L) x 3.25m(W) x 2.6m(H)

£ 5,145 inc VAT

Insulated with timber ends
6m(L) x 3.3m(W) x 3m(H)

£ 17,136 inc VAT

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The Classroom Arc

Flooded with natural light

Healthy air circulation

Extend your learning space outside

Easy to assemble, involve students or community groups

Beautiful structure enhances the landscape

Withstands high winds

10 year warranty included

Highly moveable to help avoid planning issues

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PVC ends

Dry shelter for learningFlooded with lightRobust structure to withstand the elementsAffordable, outdoor learning spacePrice includes assembly on site

This classroom arc provides a dry and light learning space and has great strength against the elements. Heavy duty PVC ends allow light to flood in to both ends. These can be printed with your own message or branding.

Optional Extras
Horizontal window (106cm x 51cm) - £80Add zip to clear plastic ends - £36Branding / message printed on ends - Ask for a quote4ft wooden benches
1.2m (L) x 2m (W). Pressure treated wood. £60 per bench

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Timber Ends Classroom Arc

Ideal for remote sites - lockable timber doorFully insulated for all year round useIncludes:
10 curved plexy glass windowsBraced timber front door1 x 500kw panel heater4 Spare 13amp pin socketsPrice includes assembly on site

Arcs with a higher level of security, perhaps for remote locations. Originally designed for National Trust sites, these luxury Classroom Arcs provide a warm, dry and secure learning space to enjoy all year round.

Thick 20mm cladding covers the aluminium core arcs, which form the skeleton of this robust structure. Curved roof windows allow light to flood in to the interior. Each window is protected with an insulated blind which can be branded. Aerated foil insulation keeps the arc warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The interior has hardwood plywood panels lining the walls with canvas covered arches, architraves and overhead lighting boards. The electrics, heat and light are included in the price.

Optional Extras
4ft wooden benches
1.2m (L) x 2m (W). Pressure treated wood. £60 per bench

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Outdoor learning space to be proud of

Corporate branded Arcs available on request

The classroom Arc is a light and airy outdoor learning space. It's unique shape looks attractive on any site and is easy to build and move. Planning permission isn't usually a problem with the Arc as it is highly moveable.

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Renfrew School Classroom Arc

Why not get your students, team or local community involved in building their Arc? Our team will assist and guide you through the process.

We asked the students at Renfrew School what they thought about their new classroom arc...

How do you feel working in the classroom arc?
"I liked it a lot because its something different from a roasting classroom""It felt quite good because of a change, we're always inside a classroom""Better than sitting in one of the indoor classrooms""Its great having a change in environment""Its peaceful & nice, very unique, you're not just in a normal classroom""It's quite cosy, better than a classroom""It is much better than working indoors"
"Do you think it will benefit your learning and why?"
"Yes, it's motivating as it is a treat""Yes, very calm and peaceful. If it's a science lesson it would be nice to see what you are learning about in it's habitat""Yes, it's a a lot of fun being next to nature and not being cooped up in a classroom""Yes, it's quiet and has really nice scenery""Yes, because of the fresh air. it's less stuffy"
"It's more fun outside with nature. It's stimulating because of the calm""Yes, because you get fresh air""Yes, it's motivational""Yes, you can have fresh air and it doesn't get all stuffy. That makes you lose concentration""Yes, It's a nice and relaxing environment""It will be beneficial to our learning as it is a more fun, more relaxed and nicer experience"

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