The Picnic Arc

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Picnic Arc
3.6m(L) x 3.2m(W) x 2.6m(H)

£ 2,567 inc VAT

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Picnic Arc Features

A beautiful addition to your garden or premises.

Guaranteed against 60mph winds.Withstands 80mph winds with thrust bars.

Snow and rain slips off, giving a long lifespan.

Price includes build on site.

Also ideal for:

Smoking shelters.

Sheltered gateways.

Picnic Arc details

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A garden retreat or a place to eat

An asset for UK camp sites
"We have had the Arc in use since the start of season 2012 installed in our Camping area . We have had lots of good comment on the Arc ( Its great for keeping the campers dry !!! They use it to cook and eat under or sit out of the sun ) We think it looks great and gets loads of use by our customers with good reviews ."
Cathy Pine Trees

The Picnic Arc provides shelter for picnics and BBQs, and has proven popular with campers and holiday makers in the UK. Homeowners also enjoy the Picnic Arc in their own gardens as a beautiful feature, which provides useful all year round alfresco dining and a covered entertaining area.

Pressure treated weatherboard provides a life span of over 10 years. The exterior doesn't require staining or painting and ages beautifully with its surroundings. The back bone of the Arc is formed from our patented tensile arcs, providing the elegant but robust shape of the arc. The tensile arcs can be covered with canvas sleeves (Hessian) if you wish or they can be left natural.

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Warranty and Maintenance

Please follow the link below to view our warranty and maintenance document for the Picnic Arc.

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